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We welcome monetary donations as well as donations of books and other media at the library. If you are considering a donation, please read the following guidelines. Thank you for your generosity!

Donation Policy

Mackenzie Public Library is a public institution funded primarily by taxes from local and provincial governments. While recognizing the legitimacy and primacy of tax revenue in providing library service, the Mackenzie Public Library Board of Trustees acknowledges the importance of gifts and donations from individuals, non-profit organizations and private enterprise in enhancing the new library and library service.

The Library is pleased to acknowledge donations in a variety of ways, commensurate with the nature of the gift, including a sponsorship level recognition program. Significant gifts requiring special acknowledgement will be considered and approved in advance by the Library Board.

Gifts of money and real property are accepted as long as any conditions attached thereto are acceptable to the Library Board. Gifts of books, other collection materials, equipment and art are accepted only on the principle that the Library has complete jurisdiction over their allocation. [Donations may or may not be put into the collection, based on the discretion of the Library Director.] The Library will ensure that donations do not unduly influence the nature of library collections or services.

The Library has status as a charitable institution and will issue income tax receipts for cash and in-kind donations upon request. Tax receipts for donations of real property may be issued upon the approval of the Board.