Loan Periods & Fines




Borrowing Period

Fine Rate

Maximum Fines

Audiobooks Fiction and Non-Fiction books on CD. 3 weeks 25¢ per day $5.00 per item
Board Games A selection of classic family board games and popular designer games. 1 week 25¢ per day $5.00 per item
Books Over 20,000 fiction and non-fiction books for readers of all ages & interests. 3 weeks

25¢ per day

Children’s and Teen books are fine free!

$5.00 per item
Cake Pans Shaped and specialty cake pans. 1 week 25¢ per day $5.00 per item
DVDs DVDs and Blu-rays for all ages. 1 week $1.00 per day $5.00 per item
eBooks and eAudiobooks Thousands of downloadable books and audiobooks are available through Library2Go and RBdigital. Default: 3 weeks, automatic return upon expiry
Can be changed to one or two weeks in your Overdrive account settings.
Magazines and eMagazines Dozens of magazine subscriptions in print with up to one year of back issues. Or try digital magazines with Zinio. Current issue: In-Library Use Only
Back issues: 3 weeksZinio digital magazines: no return date and no fines!
25¢ per day $5.00 per item
Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles 3 weeks 25¢ per day $5.00 per item
Seeds Seeds for free for your garden from the Seed Library. Forever, with the condition that you try to save some seeds from the plants you’ve grown to return to the library.
Technology Kits Check out all kinds of educational STEM kits, including SnapCircuits, Ozobots, Dash & Dot Robots and so much more!

2 weeks

Must be checked out to an adult.

$1.00/day $10.00 per kit