Community Calendar FAQ

What is the Mackenzie Community Calendar?

The calendar is your one-stop shop for all public events and programs in and around Mackenzie.

Where can I find the calendar?

Online at any of the following sites:
District of Mackenzie
Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce
Mackenzie Public Library

How do I find only events I’m interested in?

You can either keyword search or filter by venue, organizer, category and age range. Select as many filters at once as you like.

I find the default calendar organization overwhelming. Is there another way to view it?

Yes! You can use these buttons to select different views: UntitledThe default is posterboard. The button farthest to the right allows you to view by month.

Who can add events?

Anyone! All events and programs that happen in Mackenzie, McLeod Lake, or Powder King and are open to the community are eligible. Sales, contests, raffles, and private events are not allowed.

How do I add my event to the calendar?

You can submit your events online (see below) or send all the details plus a picture to the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce at least one week before your event (

Add an event step-by-step:

1. Click the Submit Event button at the top of the calendar:




2. Login to your account. If this is your first time adding an event, you will be prompted to create an account. This lets you edit your events later by visiting the host site:

3. Enter all required event information, including title, start and end time (single date), repetitions, organizer, venue, cost, description and a picture in .jpg or .png format.

N.B.: Organizers and venues must be added in the exact same format as other events on the calendar so that they appear with similar events when filtered. New accounts cannot see the selection menus. The first time you use an organizer or venue, you will have to use the +New button, enter the information and hit save.

Hint: Check the pre-made organizers and venues drop-down lists on the calendar, or ask the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce to look up the correct format for your organizer and venue.

4. Choose one category and one tag. If you wish to use more than one, you can make a request with the Chamber after you’ve submitted your event and they will add the extras.

5. Tick that you have read the disclaimer and that your event adheres to calendar guidelines, and then click the green Save button.

6. Your event will be checked by an administrator at the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce and published. Questions may be directed to Karla at 997-5459.